As an ongoing show of commitment and recognition to our EMS community, Steward Health Care System is pleased to announce the “EMS Stewards of the Community Awards 2020". These awards are designed to recognize the exceptional care and compassion that EMS providers deliver to patients every day. EMS providers are unsung heroes on the front lines in the battle against illness and injury. Citizens of our communities call for EMS in their moments of greatest need and that call is answered by highly trained professionals who perform their duties with expertise and humility. The “EMS Stewards of the Community” awards are designed to recognize providers who not only carry out the noble work of caring for others, but do so with a degree of expertise, professionalism, and compassion that makes them leaders in their field.

The award eligibility criteria are below:

Nominee must be an EMR, EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic in current practice in a Steward Hospital area.

Nominee must have demonstrated an “above and beyond” interaction with a patient/s or in their profession which could comprise:
• Exceptional care and decision making far surpassing the normal standard
• Exceptional level of compassion for a patient or their family
• Exceptional dedication to one’s profession/the patients we serve

Nominee’s action must have occurred while working as an EMS Provider:
• In an EMS response vehicle
• As a First Responder
• As a 911/Emergency Telecommunicator
• As an EMS Educator
• As a bystander, using your EMS skills and training, at an event outside of work